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TranslateKoreanEnglish specializes in complex and urgent Korean-English translations across many disciplines.  The type of work we handle varies, and ranges from short one-page business letters, to litigation projects spanning thousands of documents. Unlike other translation companies, everyone on the team, the translator, editor, and project manager, are all fully-proficient Korean-English translators. We have handled some extremely difficult cases and are confident that the translation request you have is within our competence. Due to the large amount of work we handle, it is possible that we will have a conflict. In such cases, we work closely with a few quality partners that we could recommend to you.

Our translators have past experience with thousands of projects totaling millions of words, spanning nearly every type of field and case. Most of our past work has come from cases related to the top 50 companies in Korea and the top industries in that country that participate in world trade. However, a great deal of our work has come from niche areas that are not so common, yet we have a high level of confidence to handle such work.  The majority of our clients are law firms, insurance companies, government agencies, and local organizations.  Given the security requirements of such groups, we use the most secure software and hardware in the industry.  All of our translators have undergone criminal checks, credit checks, and the quality of their output is regularly assessed externally. Our translators must pass a test to work with us initially, but they are continually graded to ensure good performance, and an optimal product for clients.  We fully appreciate the confidentiality and security requirements that are desired in today's world, and guarantee that all source files and work product are safeguarded.

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Areas of Translation Expertise


Legal briefs, Supreme Court precedents, evidence discovery, evidence preparation, bates numbers, general communication, requests for relief.  We have assist our law firm partners in handling thousands of such requests.  

Intellectual Property Rights

Fashion law is a little bit like the Wild West. There’s a lot of potential, but the rules can seem convoluted and vague at best. Protecting a brand or even a single design involves intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks, and patents.

Finance, Banking & Accounting

Intra-bank regulations, derivative investment product guidelines, general bank statements and receipts - we handle all requests in these areas - both big and small.


Our past experience in the automotive field is in translating company-specific documentation for: Hyundai-Kia Motors, HJM Helmet Corp., Samsung Motors, and more.  We have handled work for more than 12 smaller enterprises in Korea and abroad.

Legislation and Politics

We have handled many translation requests for the Korea Legislation Research Institute, an organization that provides accurate information about current laws and regulations in Korea in various languages.  We also receive many current events requests in translating prominent newspaper articles.


Mobile games, hotel reviews, police investigations, travel and brand surveys, school report cards, and background checks


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